Blow 2001 Movie

George Jung (played by Johnny Depp) has a happy youth, even if his almost perfect father (Ray Liotta) is broke. George's father takes this defeat with dignity and tells of the ups and downs of life and makes it clear to his son that he can do anything if he wants to. With such a father even the slightly hysterical mother can not disturb the domestic idyll.

At the end of the 1960s George went to California and discovered with his friend Tuna the sweet life with beach, beautiful girls and lots of marijuana. Why George escaped from home? Where is his motivation? Hard to say. It also remains unclear why he becomes a dealer, why he has such a success, why he is arrested, why he can escape, why he becomes a coke denaler, why he is arrested again, why, why, why ...

The motivation for the entire johnny depp blow film life of George Jung is not revealed. He is neither greedy for money nor power. He does not run away from it and does not seem to be looking for anything. He does not want to prove anything and is driven by nothing. With a stoically indifferent attitude, Johnny Depp, as a young, is watching the film, making no difference whether he is just swimming in the money, falling in love, being shot by dealers, or arrested by the police. This apathetic attitude Depps may have fit perfectly into a nightmare like Dead Man , in Blow it is only unmotivated. Depp's monotonous and ultimately unsatisfactory acting is, unfortunately, not the exception, but the sad rule.

While Ted Demme is desperate (so at least many of his ideas), to give the story a clear direction and to create at least some expressive scenes, the action is so much louder than it is. Too often he exaggerates. To make it clear how dangerous the drug baron Pablo Escobar is, he lets him execute a man. To show how much money is to be earned in the drug business, we see an apartment that is fully stacked under the cover with bank notes. In order to be able to gauge Georges success, his exclusive fleet is presented. Like Ray Liotta in this scene, the spectator also feels rather surprised at such an awkward show.

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